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about stage armament solutions

SAS credo


Theatrical and film use of firearms brings many production challenges; issues such as safety concerns, lack of expertise, and locating props & theatrical blank-firing guns. And rightly so.


In the case of blank-firing weapons, without knowledgeable care and safe handling, they can be hazardous. Any gun, prop or blank-firing, is not a toy and should be treated accordingly.


From an artistic standpoint, improper handling and incorrect props can cause a ‘credibility gap’ that may seriously detract from the overall effect of a production. While not everyone can distinguish a Glock from a blunderbuss, most people can recognize a starter pistol or “Davy Crockett” toy rifle when they see one. It screams ‘fake’ and can ruin the dramatic tension inherent with the presence of a firearm on stage.


Moreover, the actor cannot convincingly portray, say, a Civil War soldier while using firearm techniques picked up from watching “Shaft.”


SAS is here to help. As always, Safety is the top priority. We all know horror stories of tragic events on stage or on set- things that could have been easily prevented with proper training and supervision of firearm props. Our motto is "Nobody gets hurt on our watch!"


SAS history


Stage Armament Solutions officially launched in 2003, but the roots go back much further.

Owner/operator Brian Dettling has been involved with the stage since age 10, the film industry since 1994, and theatrical firearms since 1996.
As an experienced and accomplished actor, he understands stage and set space awareness and dramatic presence, which enables him to provide exciting staging of gun fight and shooting scenes.
The foundation of his experience is a lifetime of firing real weapons of many types. His theatrical firearms career began with a production of “Oliver!” and the Ridley Scott film “G.I. Jane” as well as a founding member of the “Garlock Gunslingers,” a Wild West shoot-out and skit show that has traveled throughout much of Southern California.

doing business with stage armament solutions



Please fill out the Inquiry Form located HERE to begin. 


EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: ALL CLIENTS will be provided with a copy of Stage Armament Solutions' safety rules and set procedures document. This document MUST be acknowledged before any props will be delivered.

Rates for prop rental and consumables such as blank ammunition, blood, and other special effects are based from a low minimum charge and may be adjusted for quantity and length of time required; therefore each project is quoted on a per-case basis. There are NO TERMS on Rental and consumable fees; fees are to be paid upon, or prior to, delivery of props and consumables. Services are provided and quoted on a per-case basis. Special requests/custom orders must be paid in full prior to delivery.


Deposits are required for all rentals and must be received prior to delivery of items. Checks for Deposits WILL be cashed so please ensure funds available for the term of the contract. REFUNDS will be made at the end of the rental period per the terms of the contract.


Payments are by cash, check or PayPal.


Rental/Services Contracts include Release of Liability information and must be signed by the receiver prior to or at time of delivery by either hard paper copy or by electronic file.

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